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Enheduanna, the Damned was a beautiful Aldar protege to God Khalas, working alongside her beau, Han-Silnar. She was given to the Demon Prince Pazuzu by the Triumvirate in order to seal the Infernal Legion's allegiance for the fight against the other Gods during the War of Humanity.

Driven mad by servitude to the Legion and abuses at the hands of the Demon Lord, the Aldar maiden became a broken monster. When the Triumvirate were judged and punished, Enheduanna was cast aside and eventually taken in by the Lord of Oblivion. Enheduanna awoke in the Modern Age, haunting the depths of the Ashtan Bog. On the orders of Babel, the creature took up a chaotic spear and laid waste to the Shamtota Hills, destroying the temples of Lorielan and Pentharian. The forces of Light were able to nullify her invulnerability when they discovered her glass heart upon an altar hidden within her residence, Caverns of Enheduanna. Shattering it caused the Aldar to become unstable, until her wicked powers consumed her until she was nothing. Although Enheduanna was slain, the caverns of Enheduanna remain a site sacred to the Divine Order of Babel.

Enheduanna's place in the age of legends is memorialised with a battle figurine and a mystical card.