Drinking horn

A drinking horn is an artefact crafted from the hollowed-out shell of a small goat's horn. The exterior of this chestnut-coloured cornucopia is ridged with a perfect spiral pattern that extends from the base all the way to the tapered tip. Within the pattern, gold inlay curves around its depressions and shines brightly in the subtlest of light.

The drinking horn will replenish itself with 30 draughts of ale every Achaean day. For an additional amount of credits (50-250+ depending on type of liquor), the owner is able to customise what kind of liquor is produced in the flagon, including non-alcoholic liquids such as apple juice or milk. However, some drinks are not available, such as fairy nectar. Additional credits are also required to add more draughts per Achaean month.

Like many other artefacts, the drinking horn can be purchased from Merentesh's shop in Delos which specializes in artefact wares.