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A draugr (plural "draugar") is an undead creature, the reanimated corpse of someone who has died at sea. They dwell within their briny tomb, arising en masse to sailors and, by use of their blackened, eyeless holes, beckon the living into the depths to share their fate. A draugr's rubbery skin glistens a pale, sickly white, indicative of the manner in which it died. It attacks in much the same savage manner as a zombie, biting and punching with mindless rage.

Draugar were among the many forces commanded by Prince Slith within the Undead Legions. They were first sighted in the Modern Age as they marched upon the city of Shallam, used as foot soldiers in the strike to reclaim the Crystal Decanter near Mayaween. They were later seen guarding the Planetarium of the Crown during the Eternal Night saga.