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The skill of Dragoncraft, with its slew of Greater Dragon-exclusive abilities, was unveiled on the 15th of Valnuary, 474 AF, by Ashaxei.

Abilities in Dragoncraft

Ability Description
Dragonform Transform into your draconic form.
Heal Purge yourself of afflictions.
Flex Destroy pesky bindings.
Armour Call upon the blessing of Ashaxei.
Dragonsense Seek out your prey.
Tracking Travel quickly across great distances.
Hoist Snatch up your next meal from the ground.
Leaping Bound over any obstructions in your path.
Blocking Use your bulk to obstruct exits.
Summon Summon your breath weapon.
Blast Unleash your breath against your prey.
Rain Rain your draconic fury down upon the ground.
Gust Knock your prey to the ground with a mighty exhalation.
Storm Fill the air with your deadly breath.
Stream Blast your foes from great distances.
Breathstrip Destroy your prey's defences with your breath.
Roaring Let loose an almighty roar.
Gut Disembowel your foe with your talons.
Rend Rip into your prey's limbs with a mighty swipe.
Bite Clamp your meal between your jaws.
Clawparry Fend off pesky attacks with your talons.
Devour Destroy them in a single bite.
Decapitate Hack the head from an adventurer's corpse with claws.
Consume Eat the corpses of your prey.
Trample Crush the fallen under your massive bulk.
Tailsweep Knock your enemies to the ground with your swinging tail.
Becalm Take down those annoying flyers with a beat of your wings.
Demolition Bring down walls with a massive blow.
Incantation Summon the magic of the Aldar to destroy your prey.
Illusion Confuse the lesserforms with your intellect.
Veilglance Fold the Veil and look into far-away places.
Veildeliver Pass items instantly over great distances.
Piercetheveil Pass through the Veil Extant.
Curse Lay down a terrible curse to cripple your foe.