Divine Favour

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An adventurer will experience Divine favour or disfavour when a God is particularly pleased or angered, respectively. While favours and most disfavours last a limited time, some disfavours may be permanent.

There are four levels of favours and disfavours, each with its own advantages or disadvantages. From least to most powerful, they are:

  • Adds (or deducts) a point of constitution.
  • Adds something to your appearance.
Strong (Dis)Favour
  • Alters your skills, with the amount in each skill dependent on the God doing the favouring or disfavour.
  • Gives an experience bonus, or takes away some experience when it ends.
High (Dis)Favour
  • You will no longer need food or sleep, or your need for them is doubled.
  • Adds a damage-reducing shield, cutting damage (of all kinds, from all sources) done to you by about 15%, or makes you take about 15% more damage. Not cumulative with any other favours.
True (Dis)Favour
  • Adds (or deducts) one point to (or from) all stats.