Divine Alliance

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The Divine Alliance was formed as a reactive manoeuvre to combat the hosilities from Lord Sartan's followers late in the third century. In response to the constant defilement of Their Divine shrines, the Gods Phaestus, Lupus, Aegis, Agatheis, Eris, and Ourania, all led by Lord Caspian, formed a coordinated effort to react in kind and began what is unofficially known as the second Shrine War. Battles were fought both on the mortal level, in the form of more shrine defilements by the respective Divine Orders, as well as on the Immortal level, which led to the eventual imprisonment of Sartan under an isle that, several decades later, would become known as Mhaldor.

The final battle of the Divine Alliance which lead to Sartan's entrapment was monumental and memorable. Having challenged Sartan for physically and mentally abusing Valnurana, Eris and Her husband Aegis traded unsuccessful blows with the Lord of Evil in the far heavens above. What constituted first of ropes of primal chaos and deadly swordwork became a full force of unleashed Divine fury as the other Gods joined Eris and Aegis in battle. Together, Agatheis and Eris bound Sartan with chaos and the elements while Ourania then used Her powers of moonfire to push Sartan over the Sefyric Ocean. Seizing the opportunity, Caspian commanded His oceans to pull Sartan into the depths while Phaestus threw His mighty hammer to dislodge a nearby Vashnar mountain. Lupus and Aegis then took the mountain and at last, dropped it on Sartan to trap Him underneath. Their battle and mission over, the Alliance then immediately dispersed to greet a new age in Achaea: one without Evil.