Dawn Illoriel

Dawn Illoriel (? - c. Chronos, 331 AF) was an Auroran Priestess of the Luminai, a group of Priests and Paladins that aggressively fought against the threat of the ancient Occultists during the Burning Times. She was one of only two Luminai to have survived into the Modern Age, the other being her bloodsworn, Gladius Dorn.

Dawn was imprisoned by Countess Belladona after a failed attempt on the vampiress' life. Gladius ventured to Belladona's Keep to rescue her and was also forced into her service. It wasn't until the War of the Divine Child that Gladius and Dawn were able to escape. They came into possession of the Eye of Proteus and began the process of cleansing the Chaos Taint from the realm. Dawn transformed into the phoenix of legend and chased the Taint deep underground; she then devoted her remaining life energies to restoring the petrified Eris, Goddess of Chaos, to flesh. Though all of this, Dawn's life was taken.

When Sarapis saw the selfless courage and devotion that Dawn demonstrated in this act, He granted her the gift of immortality, and she Ascended. From that point on, She would be known as Mithraea, Goddess of the Sun.