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Cooking is one of the newer crafting miniskills. Its sister miniskill is Gathering. The cooking permit is purchased within the Culinary Institute in the Crafters Union in Delos for a cost of 200 credits.

As a licensed chef, one may design, prepare, and alter recipes as well as prepare certain ingredients collected during gathering into other more complicated ingredients.

Cooking abilities include:

Ability Description
Prepare Prepare existing recipes.
Grain Use grain to prepare new ingredients.
Recipes Create your own recipes.
Milk Use milk to prepare new ingredients.
Preserve Salt your food to increase its life span.
Alteration Make minor alterations to recipes you prepare.
Portions Wasting less means larger portions.

Ingredients such as milk, salt, grain and flour may also be used to create new ingredients such as pasta, dough, cheese and butter. The following lists the possibilities:

Ingredient Recipe
Dough 1 grain, 2 water, 2 flour
Pasta 1 egg, 1 grain, 1 water, 2 flour
Butter 4 milk
Cheese 3 milk, 1 salt

Finally, chefs are able to design their own recipes. However, contrary to the process of tailoring and jewellery design, chefs must specify the necessary ingredients needed as well as the first-person and third-person messages given when the dish is consumed.

Ingredients currently available are: salt, sugar, flour, spices, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, cheese, butter, eggs, grain, dough, pasta, meat, fish, poultry, milk, water, oil, chocolate.

Cooked dishes require a cooking stove or campfire. A single stove exists in each city and can also be purchased as a permanent, unmovable piece of furniture directly from Fronck, manager of the Delosian Furniture showroom for 200,000 gold sovereigns. For a period of time, a portable potbellied stove was also available from the Shop of Wonders at a price of five mayan crowns.

The following is a list of the base recipes sold in the Culinary Institute in Delos:

Item Item
a plate of cooked food a bowl of cooked food
a cup of cooked food a platter of cooked food
a plain drumstick a plain cake
a plain pie a recipe for a plain loaf of bread
a skewer of cooked food a plain steak
a plain haunch of meat a plain salad
a plain pastry a plain sandwich
a plain tart a plain wrap
a plain cupcake a plain muffin
a plain bread roll a plain scone
a plain bagel a plain cookie
a plain doughnut a plain burger