Class Artefacts Shop: Warriors

Class Artefacts Shop: Warriors is a Delosian class-related shop which caters to the needs of Paladins, Runewardens, and Unnamables. The stark, greystone shop is high-walled and glints with cool steel from its artfully arranged blades to its precisely displayed hammers.

Dual Blunt Weapons

Name Price Details
Barbarian's morningstar 350cr Dmg: 73; To-hit: 191; Spd: 212
Berserker's morningstar 800cr Dmg: 77; To-hit: 195; Spd: 218
Matsuhama's morningstar 1600cr Dmg: 85; To-hit: 200; Spd: 225
Mutilator flail 350cr Dmg: 140; To-hit: 168; Spd: 168
Skullsplitter flail 800cr Dmg: 144; To-hit: 173; Spd: 173
Braincrusher flail 1600cr Dmg: 150; To-hit: 180; Spd: 180

Dual Cutting Weapons

Name Price Details
Orcsplitter battleaxe 350cr Dmg: 162; To-hit: 160; Spd: 151
Stonereaver battleaxe 800cr Dmg: 168; To-hit: 166; Spd: 156
Logosian battleaxe 1600cr Dmg: 174; To-hit: 172; Spd: 162
Scimitar of Hawks 350cr Dmg: 56; To-hit: 168; Spd: 236
Scimitar of Falcons 800cr Dmg: 60; To-hit: 173; Spd: 240
Scimitar of Eagles 1600cr Dmg: 64; To-hit: 180; Spd: 245

Two-handed Weapons

Name Price Details
Stonesmith's Maul 350cr Dmg: 186; To-hit: 170; Spd: 140
Worldforge Warhammer 800cr Dmg: 192; To-hit: 175; Spd: 154
Hellforge Hammer 1600cr Dmg: 200; To-hit: 180; Spd: 160
Dawnrender bastard sword 350cr Dmg: 204; To-hit: 182; Spd: 136
Soulreaver bastard sword 800cr Dmg: 213; To-hit: 187; Spd: 143
Dreadblade bastard sword 1600cr Dmg: 222; To-hit: 195; Spd: 149

Sword and Shield Artefacts

Name Price Details
Mithril broadsword 350cr Dmg: 154; To-hit: 168; Spd: 159
Vorpal broadsword 800cr Dmg: 164; To-hit: 173; Spd: 164
Logosian broadsword 1600cr Dmg: 172; To-hit: 180; Spd: 170
Meteoric longsword 350cr Dmg: 121; To-hit: 168; Spd: 186
Vorpal sword 800cr Dmg: 125; To-hit: 173; Spd: 192
Logosian longsword 1600cr Dmg: 130; To-hit: 180; Spd: 200

Discipline Specific Artefacts

Name Price Details
Braided length of weasel offal 300cr Removes all food costs on associated falconry abilities.
Ox replica with rune-inscribed horns 500cr Grants an additional 10 minutes of FURY per Achaean day.

Weaponmastery Specific Artefacts

Name Price Details
Insignia of mastery 350cr Switch your Weaponmastery specialisation for free, every 24 days.
Shining insignia of prowess 800cr Switch your Weaponmastery specialisation for free, every 2 days.
Peerless insignia of finesse 1200cr Switch your Weaponmastery specialisation for free, once per day.

Infernal - Paladin - Runewarden Specific Artefacts

Name Price Details
Preserved hand 200cr Increases duration of Necromancy Gravehands by 50%.
Seal of the devout 350cr Doubles duration of Excision Dawnhand.
Runic Gauntlet 350cr Halves implant/uproot time of totems. Reduces uproot of other's totems by 25%.
silver tuning fork 200cr Doubles the lifespan of devotional rites.
Rough runestone 350cr
Urn of Annwynian beeswax 200cr Increases duration of stonewalls.
Wax stick encased in mithril 300cr Allows runes to be sketched in watery environments.
Wreath of lycopod vines 250cr Restores additional life essence, willpower, and endurance from Oppression Vivisect.
Cincture of the Devoted 250cr Restores additional devotion, willpower, and endurance from Excision Damnation.