Cauldron of Infinity

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The Cauldron of Infinity is the city-relic of Eleusis. During the War of the Divine Child, it served to summon the Guardian of Nature and the flower maidens. During Chronos of 499 AF, the Cauldron brought forth a spirit that eventually grew into the Guardian of Thorns.

Created by the Goddesses Demeter and Valnurana with the Eye of Proteus, this large, black, iron cauldron is covered with archaic runes. Inlaid with silver leaf and pulsing with green light, the Cauldron earned its name from the swirling mists in its interior, which seem to extend infinitely. Its aura of power incomprehensible to mortal minds, the cauldron emits motes of silver and green light at random intervals, which dance across the metal surface to the music of the universe.