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The '''Venom''' [[:Category:Skills|skill]] is possessed by members of the [[serpent]] [[:category:classes|class]] and allows them to secrete various poisons with which to bite their enemies. Once the serpent has bitten their foe, the venom begins to elicit a particular, often detrimental, effect upon that person. The abilities of this skill are described in the various articles listed below.
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Many of the commonly known [[:Category:Afflictions|afflictions]] can result from being bitten by a serpent in this manner. However, the effect of the bite depends on the victim's [[Skill Levels|skill level]] of the [[:category:Mini-Skills|miniskill]] called [[Antidotes]]. The [[sileris]] berry will help prevent venomous bites.
Serpents with access to a [[milking room]] may choose to transfer their venoms to [[vials]]. These may be sold for sale either in [[shops]] or via the [[market channel]].

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