The Treekin are sentient walking trees originally native to the Black Forest, although many more have taken up residence in Eleusis as city guards.

In celebration of the arrival of Lady Demeter to the Garden, Eris, Goddess of Chaos, held a wild, unforgettable party in the Black Forest where Divine and mortal alike became intoxicated with free-flowing Chaos tequila. As a practical joke, the Goddess of Chaos gave the Green Lady and Melpomene a goblet filled with Primal Chaos. Upon consuming the drink, Goddess, spirit, and forest began to exhibit the effects of Chaos, but it was not until later that the full effects were shown.

Trees within the Black Forest began mutating into wildling trees that were either aggressive or reticent. In an effort to undo the damage, Demeter created the fiery reddish orange roses that grow within the Aerinewild. The flowers gentled these walking trees, but it seemed the chaotic effects were irreversible. The forestals then discovered that not only did the trees contain a spark of intellect, but also they were able to be taught to speak, thus learning to think for themselves. The sentient trees had turned into a new race of mobile creatures called Treekin; the first of which was named Mossfoot.

The stickpeople of the Primordial Forest of Chaos within the Erisian Pyramid are believed to be a species related to the Treekin.

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