Newbies are newcomers to Achaea. Upon first entering the realms, they must escape from a dark, dank cell in Miba before becoming fully fledged adventurers.

The tasks system is something else that helps newbies acclimate to Achaea. The tasks are a form of tutorial that allows newbies to work at their own pace. Many of the introductory tasks must be completed before more advanced tasks, such as city tasks are available.

Until adventurers reach level twenty-one, they may gain assistance on a special channel designated for newbies, as well as ask Romeo or Juliet any questions related to their advancement.

Another advantage of being a newbie is the use of the portals command. Newbies are allowed instant teleportation to the Ring of Portals, from where a number of key locations can be accessed.

A newbie guide has been set up on the Achaean Lore, and it can be found categorised below. It is filled with answers to commonly asked questions and bits of advice for Achaea's newest members.


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