Callisto (mythology)

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This page is about the first human man. For other uses, please see Callisto (disambiguation).

Callisto was the first Human man, the son of Maya the Aldar from Maya's rape by the Unnamable Horror. His twin sister, Sinope, was the first human woman. All members of the human race are ultimately descended from their coupling.

Callisto, along with his sister and lover Sinope, were said to possess the near immortal lifespans of the Aldar. This longevity passed onto their children but diminished with each successive generation. Lucretius, God of Philosophy and Knowledge, predicted this as the inevitable result of interbreeding pure Chaos with Aldar might - the entropic energy of Chaos would gradually cause Aldar traits to deteriorate over time.

While Callisto was on a hunting trip, his son Anake, angered by his mother's rejection of his advances, killed Sinope in her sleep, an event that would become known as Anake's Passion. Fifty years later, in a rage inspired by the schemes of Thoth and Shaitan, Callisto sought revenge for Sinope's death by murdering the sleeping Anake. Callisto then became entrenched in his own insanity.

Callisto perished at the hands of his grandchildren, Rukal and Lakspura.