Caer Witrin

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Caer Witrin
Religion Scarlatti
Allies The Divine Order of Scarlatti, Genji

Caer Witrin is a quiet, snow-covered town of artisans high in the Southern Vashnars.


Caer Witrin was rebuilt by Lord Scarlatti and given as a gift to His affianced, Lady Selene. Shortly after the joyous opening of the town, Lady Selene fell ill. It was discovered with Lady Mithraea's aid that loving one, even one like Lord Scarlatti, more than another, was causing her travail. The engagement was then broken, but the town remains as a testament to the love of a God for a Goddess.

Late in the year 444 AF, a loud roar alerted citizens of nearby Cyrene to a horrible tragedy. A peddler travelling the Cyrenian Highway to deliver new tools to the artists of the village was mauled by the snow tiger, Grimlath. Without their tools, artists halted production of commissioned artwork and now sell only their own, predesigned pieces.


The town of Caer Witrin is located just off the Cyrenian Highway, high in the snow-capped Southern Vashnars and beneath the mountain from which it takes its name. The snow that often piles to such staggering elevation cloaks the town in a veil of serene, natural beauty. However, nature takes not a second to observe aestheticism, and the pervasive cold is every bit as deadly as it is breath-taking. The frigid winds that weave their way through the town are enough to kill a man should he be caught outside, and in the winter, the snow blocks off the pass to the town, sealing it off from all but the hardiest adventurers. At the northwest corner of town lies the Temple of Scarlatti, place of worship to the Great Bard, God of the Arts and Lord of the Dance, Scarlatti Himself. It is the very same temple that was originally located in the Southern Vashnars.



The locals of Caer Witrin are, naturally, of an artistic bent, and everyone seems to have devoted themselves to some form or another of the arts. They are friendly and helpful, moreso to visitors who have proven their goodwill over time. Of note are the town guards; they are some of the most well-organised in the land, rivaling those of the city-states. It is whispered that Caer Witrin has a darker side to be uncovered for those willing to dig deep enough.


Caer Witrin's shops vary widely in their aims and wares. Anais, the ice sculptor, sells ice sculptures. Similarly, Frida, a painter, sells copies of her paintings. Every few months she varies her subjects and encourages customers to visit often to inquire about her current wares. Salai, Frida's apprentice, sells inks for tattoos and can copy any existing painting. Inga, the furrier, operates a shop that sells furs and snowshoes. During the day - when she is not engrossed in her night job as a mortician - Marianna, the perfumer, sells cosmetic products such as rouge, lipstick, eyeliner, and perfume; small hand mirrors; and scented candles. Tobe, the woodcarver, sells vials unique to Caer Witrin. Percival, the innkeeper, is always ready and willing to provide a hot mug of cocoa, eggnog, or stew to excise a chill from the bones and raise the spirit. The flower shop of the florist sells a variety of local mountain flowers, from snow blossoms to edelweiss. The shop of the elderly toymaker offers delightful toys, games, and costumes that bring smiles to the young and old alike. Finally, the Dejourdie Street music shop of Salieri, the musician, is where one finds the musical instruments that bards use to perform.

Flora and Fauna

Amid the flowerbeds here, one may find such flowers growing as red roses, forget-me-nots, "loves-me-not" flowers, poppies, monkshood, and rhododendrons. Most populous, however, are the Vashnarian snow blossoms that grow in abundance throughout the area. Ingestion of snow blossoms results in hallucinations and intense shivering, so visitors are warned not to eat any unless they are aware of the consequences and ready to stave them off. Animal-wise, the native snow leopards roam the area and have been trained by Anton to assist the guards in their patrols of the town. Under the influence of snow blossoms, one notices the presence of crystal spiders, creatures that are not ordinarily visible to uninfluenced persons.