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Articles entered into the Achaean Lore archives need to have a certain structure and format in order to ensure readability and consistency throughout. Plus, there are just certain ways of formatting the information such that it flows well within the online system used to present it.


Articles are generally snippets of information on a specific topic. They may contain sections and subsections if it's a particularly long topic, but it must not be overly broad and contain lots of factual information. Be objective in all things when authoring a bit of lore. This is a compendium of all the facts related to Achaea, so make sure you remain objective in tone and phrasing.

Article Naming

Articles are referenced by their names, so choosing an appropriate one is very key. Most information can be referred to by its proper name, such as "Vampires" or "Azdun". Sometimes, it's helpful to further qualify a name if it's possibly ambiguous we do this by appending a parenthetical to the end. For example: "Twilight (time of day)" could differentiate between "Twilight" (referring to the God).


When choosing a name, do not include a colon (':') in the name. This is reserved for 'namespaces' a feature of the wiki system and used only in very special circumstances.


All (or almost all) articles should contain at least one category. Categories are added at the end of an article and usually refer to a group or classification for that article. For instance, the page "Zsarachnor" is in the "Vampires" category. There are in fact sub-categories as well (clicking on will bring you to that page, which lists articles in that category -- but you can see that even that page is in the "Creatures" category).