What is Achaea Wiki?
Achaea Wiki is the official wiki for the text-based MUD Achaea.

Who can contribute?
We allow contributions from all characters who have played over 300 hours. Contributing is simple, just log in with your character name and password and you're ready to go! See the contributing guidelines for further information.

Is it against the rules to use information from the wiki in-game?
Most of the information found here is considered to be general knowledge and may be gleaned from resources such as events/public news, help files, and basic denizen interaction. Use of this information in game does not violate our policies, but we encourage you to learn it for yourself. By relying on the wiki as your sole source of information, you deny yourself the full experience of exploring and learning about Achaea first-hand, potentially limiting your character's growth.

What kind of editorial oversight governs Achaea Wiki?
Like other wikis, Achaea Wiki is subject to peer review and all contributors may edit any non-protected article. There is limited administrative oversight to prevent instances of vandalism, offensive or inappropriate material, spam, etc.

Where can I report misinformation, voice comments, or ask questions?
Errors and inaccuracies should be corrected on the wiki pages themselves or discussed on the respective discussion page. General feedback, comments, and questions may be directed to lore [at] achaea [dot] com.

What rules are in place for using Achaea Wiki?
Please see the contributing guidelines for specific policies regarding the wiki. Achaea's Terms of Service also apply.