Tsol'teth Litany of Obedience

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The Tsol'teth Litany of Obedience was a dark spell utilised by the Tsol'teth in order to bring enemy troops under their forcible command. When chanted aloud and powered by the arcane magics of the Tsol'teth, the Litany could turn entire armies to the will of the lords of the Underrealm.

The first notable use of the Tsol'teth Litany of Obedience arose in the War of the Deeps. The Tsol'teth Overlord Agith'maal brought it to bear against the forces of the Seleucarian Empire, turning vast legions of Templars and unclassed soldiers against the yet loyal Monks and Occultists. In particular, the Monks' telepathic training allowed them to resist Agith'maal's chant. Defectors were eventually brought under control by way of the Monks' mental command; they were then ordered to walk into the influence of the Church's shrines, where the Tsol'teth powers were dissipated. Possessing no shrines, Ashtan's forces were decimated by the infighting cause by the Litany of Obedience. Their ability to rise above this, however, furthered the city's secular, individualist resolve.

An Achaean-language approximation by ancient tele-stenographers, edited by Gren Rafale, reads as follows:

"Hwarak alshamar osang rach haahl! Kwarak alshamar osang rach haahl! In the name of the eternal darkness, you will all obey ME! Turn on your brethren! Turn on those you love! Slay them all! Hwarak alshamar osang rach haahl…"
― Agith'maal, Tsol'teth Overlord

It is widely believed that, 300 years later during the Wars of Succession, the Tsol'teth heir Castomira Brangwin seeded the unwitting Prince Mycale deSangre's public addresses with weakened excerpts from the Litany of Obedience. This theory was first put forth in the declassified letters of Princess Catarin deSangre, who ascertained connections between the dark lineage of Castomira, the recent disappearances of youths who entered Mycale's chambers, and the tainted magics that can be refined from and driven by the lives of innocents.