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Traits convey certain benefits and advantages.

Every ten levels of experience, until attaining the 1st rank of the Infinite, an adventurer gains the option to consolidate their insights by selecting a trait.

Reaching Daring, Paragon and Logosian levels is considered a major milestone; accordingly, a major trait can only be selected at those junctures.

Racial traits are granted automatically as part of being a member of a certain race.

Major traits

Trait Effect
Nimble Faster balance recovery, 10% less damage resistance
Quick-witted Faster equilibrium recovery, 10% less damage resistance
Lucky Increased chance to score a critical hit
Aim to kill Increased damage when critically hitting
Improved physique +1 strength
Brilliance +1 intelligence
Agile +1 dexterity
Robust +1 constitution
Receptive body Increased benefit from healing elixirs and vitality tonics
Receptive mind Increased benefit from mana elixirs and mentality tonics
Light stepper Increased chance to dodge attacks
Hated Extra five enemy slots.
In crowd Extra five ally slots.
Expert Diagnoser Check others for specific afflictions, longer TREE tattoo recovery.
Lethal Ink Faster recovery from offensive tattoos, slower recovery with defensive tattoos.
Sawbones Can check limb damage of other adventurers, increased RESTORE recovery.
Limbcrusher Break four limbs while TRAMPLING, reduces avoidance while mounted.
Health Inspector Regain equilibrium faster from ASSESS, doubles mana usage.
Mind Warden Regain equilibrium faster from CONTEMPLATE, doubles mana usage.
Cheap shot Inflict bleed upon successful parry.
Sticky stirrups Stay mounted through most forced movements.

Minor traits

Trait Effect
Master forger Reduced balance cost for forging
Master crafter Faster crafting of clothing and jewellery
Master enchanter Faster enchanting
Master angler Increased chance to catch larger fish
Master gatherer A chance of gathering additional cooking ingredients
Master harvester A chance to harvest additional herbs
Master metallurgist A chance to extract additional alchemical primes
Life of the party Constantly slurred speech
Seasoned drinker Increased tolerance to alcohol
Soothsayer Generate extra karma from studying
Devout Increased flow of devotional essence
Truth seeker Bonus necromantic essence gain
Green tender Additional sunlight captured daily by one's grove
Eclectic Longer lifespan to crafted clothing and jewellery
Master contemplator Increased willpower regeneration when meditating
Fully fit Increased endurance regeneration when sleeping
Blissful ignorance Small chance to resist forced commands
Easy rider Half price ferry trips
Wild walker Expedited movement in the wilderness
Improved metabolism Gain additional satiation from food
Marksman Accuracy bonus to attacks with the bow
Unsocial Never get asthma from smoking cigars
Clean freak Never fall victim to the stink affliction
Humble Hide one's achievements from the public eye
Spice merchant Faster refining of cooking ingredients
Decorated Wear double the number of non-piercing-type jewellery
Pack rat Wear two packs
Barter Discount from Rurin's shops
Silver tongued Discount on Seasone's refills
Marketeer Bulk discount on advertisements
In service The ability to WALK TO any of one's housemates
Beloved The ability to WALK TO any of one's friends
Super diver Take less damage while in the throes of drowning
Airborne Lower chance of being blown laterally by the wind
Harpooner Increased accuracy with shipboard weapons
Admiral Slightly faster crew balance
Salty Activate seaspells at reduced power cost
Death's boon Lose less experience while a soul
Glass shatterer Ability to whistle for one's mount(s) across continents
Knife thrower Throw items faster
Meticulous Care Reduced chance that your "Always On" tattoos will fade.
Island Trader You receive a discount to docking fees in harbours
Master Milker Reduced balance cost when milking venoms
Braggart You can shout at greater lengths without fainting
Bottom of the Barrel You are always so drunk, you've become adept at hiding it