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The Shop of Wonders, an artefact shop in Delos, opened in Ero 476 AF. Mayan crowns are only currency accepted. Occasionally, some artefacts are discontinued and replaced with new ones. These discontinued artefacts are listed below in grey.

Current Listing

Artefact Price Introduced
a golden honeycomb 9mc 494 AF
a polished skull 7mc 494 AF
a scrying bowl 6mc 494 AF
a crafter's folder 2mc 476 AF
a pirate's eyepatch 2mc 538 AF
a stardust flask 10mc 538AF
an Aeonic hourglass 2mc 559AF
a badge of returning 5mc 559AF
a bar of pumice soap 2mc 559AF
a stone flowerpot 5mc 559AF
a leather falconry jess 4mc 559AF
a Veil of the Libertine 2mc 559AF
a pitted ankh 5mc 578AF
a drop of Yen-Sorte's blood 7mc 597AF
a plump, incandescent pillow 5mc 597AF
an ebony stationery kit 1mc 634AF
a sigil of suppression 3mc 634AF
a diamond-tipped shovel 2mc 634AF
a golden quill nib 8mc 634AF
a lesser viewing glass 3mc 634AF
a greater viewing glass 6mc 634AF
a bronze token of Charybdis 5mc 634AF
an ivory peryton 5mc 634AF
a golden desert drake 5mc 634AF
an ebony disc of transformation 1mc 634AF
an enchanted pebble 7mc 634AF
a brass bait hook 3mc 636AF
a clasp of vocal intensity 6mc 636AF
a globe of shifting continents 2mc 636AF
glazed, runic vials of bonus elixirs 1mc 638AF
wooden ocarinas 4mc 638AF
a maritime ledger 5mc 638AF
a mound of glistening snow 2mc 651AF
a grisly carving knife 6mc 651AF
essence, devotion or karma boost chain 5mc 651AF
crude gut cord necklace 5mc 652AF
Album of Preservation 6mc 652AF
ethereal shroud 1mc 652AF
heron feather 1mc 652AF
petite ceramic urn 10mc 694AF

Discontinued Artefacts
Item Price Introduced Discontinued
a diamond pipe 9mc 476AF 494AF
a set of gleaming obsidian panpipes 6mc 476AF 494AF
a ram's horn 5mc 476AF 494AF
an Estachian feedbag 3mc 476AF 494AF
water (Fluvian jar) 3mc 476AF 494AF
a quartz crystal vial 2mc 476AF 494AF
an olivewood stationery kit 1mc 476AF 494AF
a white crystalline vase 1mc 476AF 494AF
a blue crystalline vase 1mc 476AF 494AF
a violet crystalline vase 1mc 476AF 494AF
a trader's satchel 1mc 476AF 494AF
a dragonskin pack 4mc 476AF 538AF
Terrin'ukia's Monocle 8mc 476AF 538AF
a rosewood stationery kit 1mc 494AF 538AF
a Sceptre of Aqueous Mastery 10mc 476AF 538AF
a barnacle-encrusted bucket 2mc 494AF 538AF
a shining feather 5mc 494AF 559AF
a crafter's portfolio 3mc 476AF 559AF
a lambent golden jar 1mc 538AF 578AF
a silver token 2mc 538AF 578AF
a wyvernskin pack 3mc 476AF 578AF
an ebony pegasus 5mc 538AF 578AF
a charcoal black hippogriff 5mc 578AF 597AF
a platinum whistle 7mc 476AF 597AF
a driftwood stationery kit 1mc 559AF 597AF
a sacrificial kris 10mc 559AF 597AF
a pair of Landstrider's boots 2mc 559AF 597AF
a tear-shaped perfume bottle 2mc 578AF 597AF
an agate cologne bottle 2mc 578AF 597AF
a ruby hydra 5mc 538AF 597AF
an obfuscated crystal vial 3mc 578AF 638AF
a sandstone stationery kit 1mc 597AF 638AF
a mahogany hand vice 3mc 597AF 638AF
an aquamarine cologne bottle 2mc 597AF 638AF
a blooming rose perfume bottle 2mc 597AF 638AF
a portable potbellied stove 5mc 578AF 638AF
an ornamental magnifying glass 6mc 538 AF 660AF
a magnetic needle 2mc 634AF 654AF


In addition to the above artefacts, the Shop of Wonders sold a variety of artefact eggs which were introduced in 494 AF and later discontinued in 559 AF, and braziers to hatch them in. Each egg could be hatched in certain braziers, three to each kind of egg.

Egg Price Braziers Prices
a parquet wooden egg 1mc Walnut, birch, or mahogany 2000gp
a mosaic stone egg 2mc Onyx, sandstone, or marble 3000gp
a damascene metal egg 3mc Bronze, iron, or copper 4000gp
an inlaid gemstone egg 4mc Diamond, garnet, or emerald 5000gp

Announcement News Posts

  1. 476 AF - The Shop of Wonders is opened.
  2. 494 AF - Revision 1
  3. 538 AF - Revision 2
  4. 559 AF - Revision 3
  5. 577 AF - Discontinued artefacts are offered via auctions.
  6. 578 AF - Revision 4
  7. 595 AF - Past and present artefacts are offered as first prize of a four-part installment of lotteries.
  8. 597 AF - Revision 5
  9. 634 AF - Revision 6
  10. 636 AF - Revision 7
  11. 638 AF - Revision 8
  12. 651 AF - Revision 9
  13. 652 AF - Revision 10