Kharon Empire

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The Kharon Empire was formed in 184 AF by self-styled Overlords Servelan de Vermiis, Grandmaster Laergon, and Uldrais the Masked Assailant as an extension of the Kharon guild and alliance with the Occultists guild. A public declaration by Chief Justice Laergon, made on Scarlatan 12th, 184 AF, decreed that the Kharon Empire was the true law of Achaea, and that Ashtan in particular fell under its immediate rule. In response to this, a man named Aeschylus led the Sentaari into a temporary alliance with the Church in order to combat this perceived threat.

Around the year 186, in-fighting by the Occultists Mausolus, Isildur, and the Kharon monk Tarkun threatened to sow the seeds of dissent within the empire. This came to fruition one year later, when the Occultist Morpheus was outguilded for attacking Servelan, the Occult guildmistress of the time. The Kharon guild defended him and allowed him sanctuary within their ranks, tearing open the latent wounds between the Occultists and Kharon and effectively destroying the self-declared empire.

Thirteen years later in the year 200, Morpheus attempted to reestablish the Kharon Empire. Laergon, having defected from the Kharon, rallied the Sentaari against the threat of a new Kharon uprising. However, the rechristened Kharon Empire dissolved that same year due to an inability to be taken seriously by Sapients at large.