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The Insidium
Ascendant Zackery
Oligarchs Nylian and Stheno
Patron Sartan, the Malevolent
Leadership Style Oligarchy
Founder Jurixe S. Nithilar, Carmain Nithilar, Orzaansyn I'llur
City Mhaldor
Classes Permitted All
House Tutor Vyrae, the Crimson Demise
Heraldric Arms Argent, a spider in chief Sable and three pillars Azure
Icon None

Stalwart guardians of Mhaldorian cultural superiority, the Insidium seeks to bolster internal advancement while eradicating heathen lies in their quest to spread the Truths. Those who seek this route understand that subtle, long-term strategies produce the greatest rewards, consciously choosing to take deliberate actions in the present with a view to bringing civilisation one step closer to achieving true Strength.

Calling all of Evil's ambitious thinkers and doers, these visionaries are masters of quiet subversion, careful suggestion, and gradual influence, using any means at their disposal to awaken the masses to the glory of Evil. Creativity, commitment, and change unite the servants of the Insidium, along with one golden rule: the true reward is not in winning the battle, but the war.

Political History

The Insidium was founded in 668 AF by Jurixe S. Nithilar, Carmain Nithilar, and Orzaansyn I'llur.


668 AF - Lord Sartan became the Patron of the the Insidium.

Leadership - Insid'atori

668 AF - Jurixe S. Nithilar becomes the first High Ascendant.
671 AF - Ulrike Dracrotalus replaces Jurixe as High Ascendant.
698 AF - Carmain Nithilar replaces Ulrike as High Ascendant (and changes the title of the ascendant to Insid'atori)
699 AF - Saeva Aristata replaces Carmain as Insid'atori
711 AF - Nocroth dis Serenath replaces Saeva as Insid'atori
718 AF - Ysela replaces Nocroth as Insid'atori
748 AF - Kythra replaces Ysela as Insid'atori
751 AF - Mariya replaces Kythra as Insid'atori
760 AF - Kiet replaces Mariya as Insid'atori
778 AF - Eoka replaces Kiet as Insid'atori
793 AF - Orzaansyn replaces Eoka as Insid'atori
805 AF - Nylian replaces Orzaansyn as Insid'atori
815 AF - Zackery replaces Nylian as Insid'atori


703 AF - Ainly becomes an Insid'ari
703 AF - Kitiara becomes an Insid'ari
707 AF - Ysela becomes an Insid'ari
707 AF - Kiet replaces Ainly as Insid'ari
718 AF - Carmain replaces Kiet as Insid'ari
724 AF - Helewys becomes an Insid'ari
729 AF - Aegoth becomes an Insid'ari
732 AF - Alrena becomes an Insid'ari
740 AF - Mariya becomes an Insid'ari
743 AF - Kythra becomes an Insid'ari
748 AF - Seortiae becomes an Insid'ari
751 AF - Kiet becomes an Insid'ari
757 AF - Zackery replaces Seortiae as Insid'ari
765 AF - Melodie becomes an Insid'ari
765 AF - Harmonia replaces Mariya as Insid'ari
768 AF - Mathonwy replaces Zackery as Insid'ari
769 AF - Eoka replaces Harmonia as Insid'ari
778 AF - Mariya replaces Eoka as Insid'ari
793 AF - Seortiae becomes an Insid'ari
793 AF - Ellryn becomes an Insid'ari
793 AF - Melodie becomes an Insid'ari
793 AF - Ailea becomes an Insid'ari
805 AF - Stheno becomes an Insid'ari
812 AF - Zackery replaces Ailea as Insid'ari
815 AF - Nylian replaces Zackery as Insid'ari


Denethor, the cursed acolyte resided within the House estate before Vyrae replaced him as House tutor in 758 AF.

Iovita resides in the House Estate, selling wares for the Insidium. She is granddaughter of Skaadi, Ritualist of the Insidium.

Skaadi, Ritualist of the Insidium resides within the House estate and is the ritualist in charge of performing a ceremony for full members of the House.