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Gathering is one of the newest crafting tradeskills

Gathering allows you to gather raw materials which are used as reagents for Inkmilling or ingredients for Cooking. Some of the materials may be refined into other useful commodities. You are also able to butcher denizens and adventurers for meat, poultry, or fish.

Some abilities in Gathering may require additional supplies: vials, butcher's cleaver, and/or a personal heat source (like a tinderbox). Cleavers are sold in Delos' Culinary Institute.

Available Gather items
Gathered Item Environment Found Refine Into
Saltwater (*) Ocean Salt (**)
Sugarcane Grasslands Sugar (**)
Grain Grasslands Flour
Seeds Garden, Forest, Jungle Spices
Nuts Forest -
Fruits Garden, Jungle -
Cacao Jungle Chocolate (**)
Vegetable Garden -
Olives Valley Oil (*)
Milk (*) Wilderness Farms -
Eggs Wilderness Farms -
Clay River -
Gold Flakes River -
Lumic Moss Natural Underground -
Diamond Dust Natural Underground -

(*) - Requires an empty vial

(**) - Requires a tinderbox

All Butchering can be performed on SLAIN corpses only. Especially in the case of fish and scales, this does not include those you catch. Corpses that do not yield a specific reagent/ingredient will yield meat as default in most cases. However, it must be specified whether you wish to butcher for a reagent or for meat, in corpses that can create either. The list is a starter only, many are not included.

Butchering Results
Gathered Item What to Butcher
Meat Adventurers, Creatures, Denizens
Fish/Fish Scales Fish (Salmon, barracuda, etc.)
Poultry Atavian denizens, crows, hawks, blackbirds, etc.
Wyrm Tongue Wyrms (Nuskuwe)
Buffalo Horn Buffalo (Sangre Plains, Dardanic Grasslands), Gour (Dakhota Hills, Tir Murann)
Shark Tooth Sharks (Tasur'ke, Peshwar Delta, etc.)
Scorpion Chitin Scorpions (Mhojave Desert)