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The object of a Foozle is to collect more points than the other players by using a Foozle box to "foozle" the items listed on a foozle card. The items, consisting of creatures or denizens, are given different point values. Double points are awarded for foozling all the items on the list upon submitting the completed card.

Once a card is submitted, it will automatically be replaced with a new card. Players are given the option of submitting the card after finding at least one item, or passing the card and receiving another. After passing a card, players must wait until after a specific time limit is up to choose to pass another card.

Those participating in a Foozle contest are called foozlers. The term "foozle" is often substituted by some for a more vulgar term, or as an expression of confoundment. For example: "What the foozle?"