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Created by Phaestus not long after Ayar did so for the tsol'aa, members of the Dwarf race are hardy, fond of the earth, and prefer to dwell in mountains. Originally lacking free will, the race was gifted with souls at the beginning of the War of Humanity in return for Phaestus' pledge of eternal loyalty to Proteus.

In addition to the many dwarven adventurers in the lands, several communities of Dwarves can be found upon Sapience: within a camp in the Siroccian Mountains, far to the north in Inbhir Ness, and close to Mhaldor in the Halls of Blackrock.

Kongol Drak is the collective term for the ten Dwarven clans which comprise Dwarven civilisation. Two of these clans, the Bloodstone and the Blackfire dwarves, reside within the mines of Iskadar upon the continent of Meropis.