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Commodities, or "comms" for short, are all natural goods and raw materials derived from mining or sold in "comm shops" around the villages of Sapience.

If a commodity is sold out or nearly sold out, at next restocking the price increases. Similarly, if a commodity is not being sold, the price may decrease.

Village Commodity Shops

Some commodities are bought from villages and sold between cities and adventurers.

Villages Commodities
Blackrock (Closed) Iron, Gems, Gold, Platinum
Dun Barony Cavemen Bone, Gold, Silver
El'Jazira Leather, Rope, Steel
Iskadar Gold, Silver, Gems
Jaru Leather, Rope
Moghedu Coal, Gems, Gold, Iron, Silver, Steel
New Thera Steel, Wood, Iron, Coal
Nimick Coal, Gold, Silver
Orilla Wood, Coal, Iron, Steel
Shastaan Cloth
Tasur'ke Cloth, Wood
Thalagor (Dun Fortress) Coal, Iron, Steel
Tsol'aa village Cloth, Ice, Wood
Ulangi Leather, Obsidian, Platinum, Wood
Umbrin Steel, Iron

City Commodity Shops

The Ministry of Trade is responsible for city comm shops, where adventurers can buy and sell commodities within a city. They are generally marked up prices, due to the commodities originally coming from the villages. City comm shops generally sell most, if not all commodities available in the lands.

City Location
Ashtan Northeast of Central Market.
Cyrene Commodities Shop.
Eleusis Eleusian Trading Post.
Hashan North of the Bazaar.
Mhaldor Warehouse interior.
Targossas Warehouses along Harbour Way.

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