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The Venom skill is possessed by members of the Serpent class and gives them the ability to secrete various poisons that can be introduced into their enemies' bodies through biting. Once a Serpent has bitten his or her foe, the venom begins to elicit a particular, often detrimental, effect upon that person.

Many of the commonly known afflictions can result from being bitten by a Serpent in this manner. However, the effect of the bite depends on the victim's skill rank in the miniskill Antidotes. The sileris berry will also help prevent venomous bites.

Serpents with access to a milking room may choose to transfer their venoms into vials. These may be sold for sale either in shops or via the market channel.

When filled with venom, the ouroborean vial, which was sold at auction in 486 AF, will never run dry.

Abilities in Venom

More information may be gained on each specific venom by visiting the appropriate article entry categorised below.
Ability Description
Secrete The ancient ability of producing venom.
Bite Sinking your fangs into an unfortunate victim.
Purge Cleansing your venom sacs of poison.
Shrugging Resist the detrimental effects of venoms.
Sumac Minor damage.
Xentio Loss of coordination.
Oleander Blindness.
Eurypteria Gives the victim delusions of invulnerability.
Kalmia Inhibits the respiratory system.
Digitalis Causes unbearable shyness.
Darkshade Makes the victim allergic to sunlight.
Curare A venom of muscular paralysis.
Epteth Shrivel up the arms of your unlucky victim.
Prefarar Increase the recipient's sensitivity.
Monkshood Disfigure your victim, causing disloyalty in those around.
Euphorbia Induces spasmodic vomiting.
Colocasia Gives blindness and deafness.
Oculus Forces the recipient's eyelids open.
Camus A more powerful version of Sumac.
Vernalius A venom that weakens the muscles.
Epseth Cause the legs of your victim to become useless.
Larkspur Causes great dizziness.
Slike Give the curse of anorexia to your victim.
Voyria The deadliest venom known to mankind.
Delphinium Put your victim to sleep.
Notechis Induce haemophilia in a target.
Vardrax Grants an insatiable addiction.
Loki An unpredictable toxin.
Aconite Cause sheer stupidity in your opponent.
Selarnia Forcing your victim back into mortal form.
Gecko Causes the recipient to become foully oily.
Scytherus A venom that thins the blood.
Nechamandra A venom that chills the veins.
Transcretion The ability to instantly secrete a venom.