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Tattoos are mystical symbols and images developed by the ancient Tsol'aa. Through the skill of the same name, adventurers can apply dry ink on themselves or other recipients, creating practical artwork that bonds to skin, fur, scales, and carapace with equal ease. Then, depending on the skill rank of the inker and the tattoo that has been chosen by the recipient, once successfully inked, the tattoo will provide a variety of defences or abilities.

Tattoos may also be purchased from Vinci, the famed denizen tattoo artist, and permanent tattoo artefacts are also available to those willing to pay the requisite 400 credits.

Abilities in Tattoos

More information may be gained on each specific tattoo by visiting the appropriate article entry categorised below.
Ability Description
Firefly Light up your surroundings.
Moss Automatically reduce your bleeding.
Feather Attain the lightness of a feather and levitate.
Shield Protect yourself from most attacks.
Mindseye See while blind, hear while deaf.
Hammer Shatter another's shield.
Cloak Protect yourself from summonings.
Bell Be warned when there are those spying on you.
Crystal Heal yourself of all your wounds.
Moon Regeneration of mana through the power of light.
Starburst The power of the stars provides immediate resurrection.
Boar Feel the noble blood of the Black Boar beat in your veins.
Web Snare another in a sticky web.
Tentacle Call the tentacles of Shimite to rip someone from the sky.
Hourglass Send the sands of time to put your victim to sleep.
Brazier Summon another to you.
Prism Walk on prismatic shards of light.
Tree Heal yourself with the tree of life.
Megalith Partake of the determination of the megalith.
Ox Endurance flows through the spirit of the Ox.
Chameleon Change your identity to the casual observer.
Superscribe Hold two tattoos on each body part.