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A foray is the name given to a difficult task or challenge undertaken by a group of Intrepid adventurers. Each foray takes place in a unique, isolated setting, found among dozens of possible remote areas of the wilderness. The trials they may face are varied, ranging from confusing puzzles that must be solved to overwhelming denizens that must be defeated. One singular theme unites the forays, however, and that is that none can be completed alone. These are no ordinary hunting grounds, and the combined might of an Intrepid group will be required if one hopes to succeed and claim their rewards.

Groups of adventurers must sign up for forays in the Wander Inn in New Thera before venturing into the wilderness to find the whereabouts of the adventurer. One Achaean day is allotted to find the entrance to the grounds before it expires. In addition, each foray has a set time limit in which it must be completed.

Forays are unique in that they are flexible to the levels of the group undertaking them.

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