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Armour protects you from getting hurt, somewhat. It is neither 100% failproof nor effective by any means. However, the augmentation enchantment will enhance its usefulness.

There are different types of armours, each with varying degrees of protection and costs. Armour is crafted by those classed with the skill of forging with the use of various commodities.

Some classes may not wear certain armour because of their effectiveness. A list of armour (In ascending order of effectiveness), with the best armour a class may wear:

Magi, Psions, Horkvals, Dragons
Monks, Bards
Serpents, Jesters, Shamans, Occultists, Depthswalkers
Druids, Sentinels, Sylvans, Classless
Field plate and Full plate 
Paladins, Infernals, Runewardens

Full plate armour is different, in that the only adventurers who may wear it are those who have forged it for themselves.

The War Veil is a unique and valuable relic of armour crafted by Proteus in ancient times, and may be worn by adventurer of any class.

NOTE: the classes are listed next to the BEST armour they may wear. They may wear any lesser armour if desired, or none whatsoever.